H20 FROZEN FACIAL: 60mins. £60

COMCIT is the latest award winning pioneering skincare system of its kind. loved by celebrities, this treatment give a dewy glow and noticeably more youthful skin forms he first treatment. immediately plumper, touter and more hydrated skin, while new collegen production kicks in after 2weeks. 

includes: *cryo-oxygen-to cool and oxygenate the skin

*micro-rollers-to stimulate collagen and cell renewal

*product infusion-to push active anti ageing ingredients into deeper layers of the skin

This facial can also tackle pigmentation, scaring, stretch marks and much more. A course of treatments is recommended and will be advised by our skincare specialists depending on individual client needs.


Favoured by celebrities this treatment gives instantly smoother more radiant skin. Tiny crystals polish the upper layer of the skin giving visible results on wrinkles, open pours, blackheads, pigmentation, acne, scars, stretch marks and much more.

BEAUTY FLASH- 20mins £25

includes: cleansing, crystals flashed over face and neck area and moisturise.


A more intense treatment including correction work, mask, neck and shoulder massage 


the ultimate luxury micro-dermabrasion treatment. Includes back massage, oxygen therapy, mask and lower leg or arm massage. pure indulgance.

MDA SMOOTH EYES- 25mins £30

targets lines and wrinkles around the eye area. eyes will be visibly plumped out and appear smoother.


pulsed jet oxygen is an intense anti-aging treatment that plumps the skin from the inside out. Oxygen therapy is a  sophisticated, clinically proven treatment. increasing blood supply to the dermal and epidermal layers producing skin regeneration. resulting in skin that is instantly smooth and fresh, promoting new skin and collagen growth which gives tauter rejuvenated skin.

OXYGEN FACIAL   45min  £45

Pulsed oxygen jet facial including powerful anti-aging oxygen serum, mask with a neck and shoulder massage.

DELUXE OXYGEN FACIAL- 1hr 15mins, £58

Deluxe oxygen facial begins with luxury back massage, also includes powerful anti-aging oxygen serum, mask with a lower leg or arm massage. recommended courses to be advised  by  our skin specialists.


Using the hero products and tools from across the range to give amazing results for all skin types:




-for men

EXPRESS FACIAL- 30mins £25

cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and spritz.

LUXURY FACIAL- 1hr   £45

Cleanse, exfoliate, treatment mask, neck and shoulder massage


Non Surgical Facelift

Combined Non Surgical Facial Toning & Skin Rejuvenation. The result of over 20 years research, the award winning CACI Facial Toning treatment has been voted* the most effective anti-ageing treatment available.
The CACI Ultra combines CACI Non Surgical Facial Toning with Skin Rejuvenation.

The system incorporates four different technologies: Microcurrent, Ultrasonic
Peeling, Hydratone and LED Light Therapy stimulation within one state of the art treatment device.

CACI Non Surgical Facelift 60 mins £40
This treatment uses micro-current technology to gently lift, firm and tone sagging facial muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Super CACI Treatment 75 mins £55
The Super CACI treatment enhances your non surgical facelift by working the muscles for longer and more intensely. This creates further lift, tone and firmness to the skin.

CACI Skin Rejuvination Treatment 25 mins £25
This treatment combines a special skin peeling handset which removes dead skin cells to reveal a softer more youthful complexion, and light therapy treatment (blue light therapy is calming and antibacterial, while red increases collagen which has a plumping effect on the skin). Together they’re effective
for reducing the appearance of scar tissue, pigmentation,stretch marks and acne.

Deep wrinkle treatment 35 mins £30
Combining the skin rejuvenation treatment with the wrinkle comb, which effectively plumps out lines and wrinkles, providing an alternative to collagen and dermal fillers.

CACI Ultra Anti Ageing Facial 90 mins £65
This intense treatment begins with a gentle ultrasonic skin peel to remove dead skin cells and loosen blocked pores, followed by micro-current to lift and tone the muscles. A combination of laser and micro-current is then applied, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to soften lines and wrinkles. Intensive micro massage of the skin is then given using ultra sound, increasing
the supply of oxygenated blood to the skin, resulting in a healthy and youthful glow. Deeply hydrates and moisturises.

CACI Hydrotone treatment 15 mins £18
The CACI hydrotone treatment combines electrically conductive face firming rollers with the hydro mask. The hydro mask has an instant calming and soothing action on the skin and powerful anti ageing ingredients to help smooth and soften lines and wrinkles. Hydrotone treatment can be added to any CACI facial for an extra £10

CACI eye lift treatment 30 mins £22
This treatment is a perfect lunchtime option for those with busy lives! This 30min treatment helps to fade away fine lines and wrinkles and lift and tone the skin around the eyes.

CACI Ultra Hand Treatment 30 mins £22
This treatment combines a gentle ultrasonic skin peel, followed by a combination of laser and micro-current to help fade pigmentation marks and liver spots and smooth sun damaged, crepey skin.

E.C.M Cellulite treatment 30mins £25
The electro cellulite treatment massager attachment combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the effectiveness of electrical stimulation to break down fatty deposits, lift sagging body muscles and reduce inches.

CACI Jowl lift 30mins £25
Specifically targeting the jowl area. This 30 minute treatment lifts and contours the jawline area delivering fantastic results.

CACI Party pout 15mins £15
This quick but effective treatment is essential before your big night out. Combining the plumping red light therapy and lifting microcurrent, you will have the perfect party pout.

All CACI Facial and body treatments benefit from a course of 10 treatments and get 1 free!

Woman With Makeup


Eyebrow re-shape (wax or thread) £8

Eyebrow tidy-up £5

Eyebrow tint £5

Eyelash tint £8.50

Eyebrow and lash tint £12



A unique treatment for creating well-groomed, definition eyebrows. Our Definition Brows stylists assess face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for the client. Using a combination of skills, from preparation and personal consultation to custom blending, designing, creating and tailoring the shape. Definition Brows can transform a face to such an extent that the effect has been likened to as mini facelift.



All facial aesthetics including lip filler. 

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